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Thanks for posting this illustration! I'm now making my second flora and I think it's a BRILLIANT pattern- there are so many ascot thingies like this in the fall fashion magazines. I think every woman I know is going to get one for Christmas.

Thanks again!


thank you! thank you! thank you!!!!!!!


Thanks for the explanations! I'm French, and I hadn't really understood what you meant with "Twisted Loop". Now I have a beautiful Flora scarf!


Thanks for a fantastic pattern!! I'm finishing mine shortly- I'll send you the blog addres when I have photos up. I suspect once friends see this they're going to be asking for them!! :)

Irene Welker

I am searching for knitting magazines in French.

I am originaly from France, I do not understand American patterns.

Could you tell me,where I can find & purchase knitting books/magazines from France ?, I have search the Web,in vane.I appreciate it.

Thank you.


Irene Welker

Mary HAINAngel2000

I like how you put pictures of a "how to" that is awesome!! If your ever interested in doing a "how to" for our charities newsletter please let us know :)


Love your "Flora" pattern. I have just finished making the Petal and am wondering what to do with the 10-inch tail. Thank you for your help.

boutique de laine

I love Simply Crafted :):):)

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