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I am looking forward to your Blossom pattern as I have a coworker's hat-loving 20 month old who needs a fix. -A cute one at that!


I found this via knitty and I love these hats!! I have a name suggestion: how about Pilot or Amelia for the helmet version? It looks a lot like those leather flying caps that pilots wore in open cockpit planes. Adorable!


I've loved these baby hats ever since I first laid eyes on them. Will the patterns ever be for sale?


H there,
Love your website. I just finished a sweater with Blue Sky Organic cotton and it sheds like crazy! Even after 3 washings with Downey added in the final rinse. I'm actualy thinking of ripping it out and using the yarn for something else. Hope this helps. I don't know if knitting hats with this is its best use.


OHMIGOSH...totally unrelated to your post...I'm knitting up Flora and am stuck on why the petals have 10" tails. Should I use that for the twisted loops or for attaching them together? Am I missing something? Help is appreciated!


I had to thank you for your genius in creating the little hand-warming monsters on Knitty! I made on last night, and not only did it successfully keep my fingers warm and snug on the way to work this morning, but has provided no end of joy and amusement around the office (Graaar!).


Lovely site, will pop back when I have more time, I thought by mid-age there would be more time :)


Hello! My name is Swathi and I'm a Grade 12 student, currently doing my venture for Enterprise class. I decided that I wanted to liven up an otherwise dull project of cookie baking/candy wrapping by choosing to sell knitted goods. I fell in love with your pocket creature handwarmer pattern over at knitty.com, and was wondering if you might give me permission to utilize it. I would like to add that any and all profit earned will be donated to local charities and as such, no personal gain will be made.

Once it best suits you, could you please e-mail me your response? Thank you so much.

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