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Greetings Kate,
Wow, you certainly provide through reveiws!!!
The part regarding the fabric paint triggered a memory for me. It was an article in maybe NeedleCraft Magazine cira 1970. In the article they suggested to make color knitting easier, you should knit the entire piece in just two colors, examples given were black and white. They worked tradition Fair Isle, bold geometrics, and tiny checks invarious swatches and garments. The next step was "paintng" the white patterned portions with a multitude of dyes. It created some pretty dramtic results.

Was thinking about the Threads article you mentioned about the woman who knitted, dyed, unraveled, and re-knitted. It does sound like a lot of work, but something I might try...sort of. I recently picked up a huge sweater, of some great wool, from the goodwill, for the purpose of unraveling it, now I think I just might random dye it first...hmmmmmm

I didn't know you were the Kate in Valentina's class!! I don't think Mel has realized you are that Kate either. After reading your recent posts to the board and your reviews here it sounds as though you would have enjoyed the day Mel and I had in the stacks at Lacis also.
Take care,
Another book addict


Yes, this review kind of got away from me...it is much longer than I intended! The dye-it-afterwards fair isle article you mentioned sounds interesting...I'll have to see if I can locate it at the library. I'd need to feel very comfortable with my ability to get dye just where I wanted it before I attempted anything on a finished sweater, tho. If you do decide to dye your sweater before you unravel it, let me know - I'd love to see the results.

And yes, I would have loved to be there for the day you and Mel spent in the stacks at Lacis (although I suspect that it was better for my pocketbook that I wasn't)! As it is, I've still managed to spend more money there than I should. With Lacis just across the bay from me, it can be hard to resist...

Mary Jo

I just bought Alterknits because I loved the different patterns, as well. I can't wait to try the leather cuff- which has an error in the pattern. I wrote to her and she posted the correction on her web site!

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