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Ooh! Thanks for sharing your felting and shibori experimentations. I felted my first bag a few months ago and had a great time. But I, too, keep going back to the article in IK about the shibori techniques. I don't know that I'll ever get around to trying it, but its beauty is magnetizing. I look forward to seeing your efforts.


where do you buy felting yarn in the UK? the only supplier i have is in Italy..and delivery is very expensive!!


Is there any specific book or books that you recommend to learn shibori techniques? I have been dying to try the form resistant knitting. Also can you achieve it with hand knit objects or does have to be machine knit? I am figuring if I use a tight gauge that will do the trick.


Do you have any tips for hand-felting? I've never tried felting before, but I have the same washing machine problem as you. Do I just put my project in hot water with a little soap and rub it a lot with my fingers, or is there more to it?


I am looking for directions for handfelting Haki Sacks for a children's art class. Thank You!


I am wanting to know how to felt the wool without felting the bubbly bits made from doing the shibori. I have been doing some experiments with a fine mohair blend knitted jumper i purchased from an opshop - I am pleased with what I have achieved but am curious about how to felt these items without felting the bobbles.

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