I live in San Francisco, a perfect place for knitting and wearing knits year round!

I tend to be an adventurous knitter; I'd much rather make up my own pattern than follow someone else's. For me, one of the best parts of knitting is experimenting -- I love trying new knitting techniques and using old ones in new ways. There's really something magical about how many different things you can do with just needles and yarn

Knitting reminds me of my grandmother, Mutti, who was rarely without one project or another. When I was little, she patiently taught me to knit using the Continental method. While she used the English method herself, she felt that the Continental method was faster and also better suited for lefties. I got the basic stitches down pretty quickly, and diligently started several scarves and doll blankets, but abandoned each attempt after a day or two. I think it was the practical acrylic yarn - it felt just awful.

So I focused on other things -- embroidery, other crafts, and baking, abandoning knitting until college. Equipped with nicer yarn, an interesting sweater pattern, and much more patience, I taught myself to knit again. The result was a strange mixture of methods that I later learned is called Combined method. I've been happily knitting and designing all sorts of things ever since!

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